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I Create Hyper-Practical Scratch Drawings On An Ink Coated Board

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Many individuals can’t imagine that my very life like animal art work is created simply from scratches into an ink coated board, however that’s precisely how every of my works is drawn. I work within the wonderful medium of Scratchboard, which helps deliver my animals and wildlife to life in a hyper-realistic approach that no different medium can!!

Scratchboard is a novel medium as a result of it’s subtractive. I begin with a stable black ink coated board and scratch away the ink with sharp instruments to disclose a layer of white clay that’s beneath the ink. The extra I scratch the lighter that space will change into, permitting me to create a spread of tones. Among the instruments I exploit are a xacto knife, sandpaper, tattoo needles and fiberglass brushes. As a result of these instruments depart fairly high quality marks, the medium is nice for life like particulars, particularly fur and feathers! After I scratch out the animal in black and white I can select to go away it that approach or shade within the scratches with clear coloured inks.

I’ve been creating animals in scratchboard for nearly 20 years, however I nonetheless discover it thrilling once they begin to come to life out of the blackboard! Their particular person persona and expression are revealed scratch by scratch till I really feel that I’ve captured a little bit piece of their spirit.

So whereas it may be arduous to imagine, each hair, dot, and dimple is scratched by hand – my works will not be pictures! Giant works can take a number of months to be accomplished, and even smaller ones take many hours.

Extra information: cathysheeter.com

“Loyalty” – Scratchboard and Ink Scratchboard Artwork. The eyes are coloured with coloured inks


I exploit the again corners of a xacto knife is used to rigorously scratch by means of the black ink and reveal the white clay layer beneath

The extra I scratch, the lighter it turns into. I am going by means of between 4 and 10 blades for every work, as solely sharp blades work properly for my approach.

“Sounds within the Evening”


“Spin Cycle”

A step-by-step work in progress – “The Interrupted Drink”

My first step is to do a structure in photoshop after which I do a line sketch on white paper the identical dimension as my scratchboard. I switch that line sketch all the way down to the board with a white switch paper, which supplies me a “highway map” of the place to scratch. From there I simply begin scratching, typically beginning with a light-weight space. On this work I radiated out from across the eye and scratched my approach out, nevertheless generally I leap all around the board. After totally scratched to black and white colours had been added with clear inks, utilized with a paintbrush. The inks fill within the scratches with out effecting the black left behind. After a shade is placed on I can scratch the board once more, and it at all times scratches again to white. This enables me to work in washes with a number of layers of scratching and coloring. As soon as works are full they’re varnished with an archival spray to forestall them from scratching simply and even out all the tones.

“The Interrupted Drink” – the completed work

“Household Reunion”

This work was scratched to black and white first after which clear shade inks had been utilized over the scratches, filling them in with the colour.

“Racing the Wind”

“Sunshine on My Shoulders”

“Tres Banditos”

“X, Halt, Salute”

“A Style of Spring”

“Springs Promise”


“Evening Patrol”

“Dressed For Success”

“The Naturalist”

“On The Prowl”


Left: “Black on White” Proper: “White on Black”

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